5 Free Dating Tips For Men

These free dating tips for men can help you
out next time you want to impress a special someone. But don’t forget
that you shouldn’t follow some set of rules at the expense of having a
good time. You want to be able to enjoy yourself without being too
worried about specifics.

The first free dating tip for men is to look your best when you ask her
out. Yes, it’s important to look great when you go on your date, but
when you ask her for this date she’s going to notice certain things,

Women notice hands and feet. So make sure your shoes are reasonably
clean and that your nails and hands are well groomed. You don’t have to
have a professional manicure, but just make sure your nails are trimmed
neatly and are clean.

Likewise, you don’t have to wear brand-new shoes to ask her on a date.
But make sure the ones you’re wearing are clean and tidy looking. Those
tennis shoes grass stained tennis shoes might not be the best choice for
asking her on a date.

The second important free dating tip for men is to check your breath
both before you ask her out and before you go on your date. Make sure it
smells fresh. Not only will you want fresh breath if you go to give her
a goodnight kiss, but you plan on having some conversation, don’t you?

And here’s a third free dating tip for men that can help things go much
smoother on your date. Plan a few things to talk about. Don’t just go
thinking you’ll come up with something.

Before you go on the date, think about the latest movies you’ve seen and
the latest books you’ve read. Just sort of refresh your memory about
them so you’ll have something to talk about. If you’re not up on current
events, watch the news for a few days before you go on this date.

You will want to avoid things like religion and politics, and the usual
topics of conversation that are best to avoid when you’re around new
people. But current events are usually easy topics of conversation for
almost everyone.

A fourth free dating tip for men is to pay her a compliment at least
once on the date. Compliment her more if it seems natural to do so. The
problem is you’re going to be nervous, and you may forget to compliment
her perfume or her dress.

So make a point of finding something you like and mentioning it. The
earlier in the day you do this, the better it will probably go. She’s
going to be nervous also, so if you complement her she’ll be pleased
that you like something about her.

The fifth of these free dating tips for men is to not think of it as a
make it or break a date. Just try to make sure you both have a good time
and your chances for a second date will go up.

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